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Jessica Szohr on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Aww, Jessica is so adorable. She seems like a fun girl to know.

Gossip Girl Spoilers: Couples Update

Aww, I was hoping for a bit more Stripp. Yeah, Tripp is married, but this show IS a drama and that could pave the way for much more drama. (Hopefully more interesting than Nate's affair.)


I thought the premiere was alright. It did seem a bit choppy, but mostly because they seemed to try to set up a lot of storylines in one episode. I'm sure the rest of the season will be fine. I'm SO excited for Carena, I think it has great potential. Since Serena is going to keep trying to get her dad's attention, I'm sure Carter will try to save her or something and it'll be super cute. I was over Bate before it even started. Bree doesn't interest me, Nate is eyecandy, but also not too interesting. He needs a much more dynamic love interest. I'm not sold on Scott yet either. Maybe he'll be better, but now him and V are just kinda awkward. Chair was cute, but they definitely need more drama. There's a limit to how interesting they are if Blair is just playing the wife.

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Un-avOidable situatiOns tO take place at SeasOn Three List! (Spoilers)

Jenny needs to lose the "CAN I BE A ROCKSTAR!?!?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!?" look. It's like as soon as she started to think she was punk in real life, she wore the same makeup and clothes on Gossip Girl. I want a true mean girl season one Jenny. Back to the lying and manipulating, just better at it then she was before. I agree with the substance abuse everyone wants to see, though, haha. Not drinking, though, if anyone would have a drinking problem it'd be Chuck. I'd want Little J on cocaine after some crazy party or popping prescription pills. It's all unavoidable or else Jenny will officially be irrelevant..even more so than she already is in my book.

I actually like N and V so it'd be nice for them to have another chance, especially because there will still be a little drama since C and V slept together. I mean, come on! They're running off to Paris and Rome together! Just like Nate said, "It won't be anyting romantic unless we drink a litte too much in Vienna one night." V definitely needs to be a more complex character, though. They should have used the airtime spent on Nelly Yuki developing V instead.Definitely a back to the bulimia for Blair, if I recall correctly, it was more prevalent in the books whereas it's only really been mentioned in like 2 episodes on the show.Also, as Chuck is and will most likely always be a womanizer, I'd love to see Blair go total bitch on him whenever they get into the [inevitable] fight.I'd wish for Dan to fall off the planet...or maybe get run over by a subway between Brooklyn and Manhattan, but alas...with his brother at NYU that's not gonna happen.I'd also LOVVVVE some ridiculously crazy, drunken night to happen Carter and Serena while they're searching for S's dad.

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