well i guess i will start by saying im team old 90210 because im 30 and i grew up with (Beverly Hill 90210) but im trying to give this new one a shot. i love any and all things Shannen Doherty and have Been addictied to Charmed for years other than that ima grafix artist and i wish that this site had a fan art part,but any ways thats me....

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Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick Picture

Love it!!! Chuck and Blair have such amazing chemistry. Fireworks, as Chuck put it. Can't wait for season 3!!!

Hot Chair

Chuck and Blair are so good together, they have such chemistry!! My god! they make such a hot couple. Can't wait till season 3 is out!

Shannen Doherty: Season Finale Bound!

I have a good way that we can see Shannen and Jennie all the time/together.They should remake Threes Company with Shannen as Janet and Jennie as Christy/Terry.And the guy there "fighting over" can be Jack. Just a thought.