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Magic Hour

Awesome I finally get my wish Audrey and Duke kissing, its about time these two have had feelings for each other since season one only to have Nathan constantly in the way of them getting together. Will she stop or pull back who knows she is afraid to perhaps do anything with only 20 days left but Duke seems to get her the best as she pretty much is the only one that trust him completely with her life. I am wondering if the difference between this Audrey and the past ones is she has feelings strong ones for the person she is suppose to kill we recall it being told she killed Dukes father perhaps that is the difference in Audrey and Duke they care for each other making the task down the road harder and harder to complete.

Real Estate

No offense but if I was Duke I kill Nathan one of these days for threatening me every time I turn around he has a gun to my head and Duke can end him any time he wants too its his job fix troubled people for good. I think Nathan steps over the line a lot with Duke, I sure in heck wouldn't take that every week from him sooner or later I be straighten him out.

Haven Review: Lady Justice

Yeah its same old song and dance like on Lost put Kate with Jack how boring to me Nathan is Jack and Duke is Sawyer but in the end they always throw the women with the GOODIE GOODIE unlike real life where she always takes the hard case wanting to fix him. No offense but Audry would choose Duke over Nathan in a heartbeat in real life just as Kate would of pick Sawyer on LOST! Writers are to predictable throwing them always with the WHITE KNIGHT but who really is the Knight like in Lost Sawyer was a Hero the whole show as Duke is just not 100% White all the time lol.