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I think the Mayor and friend of Castle may be the villain after all. Poker buddy to Montgomery and Castle. And the guy who wanted Castle tailing Beckett in the first place. Castle will get the stuff from Montgomery because the Captain knew Castle would handle it properly; perhaps even use his influence and money to nail the guy. Next season will be quite a ride.

Rich carlton

This show has great potential. I like that some of the latest shows are realizing it's more about the characters, than procedure. I don't care for gore and appreciate they don't wallow in it. The Morris character is quite interesting; not the handsome hunk profile on many shows. Dana is perfect in portraying a somewhat distant personality that sees her flaws and willing to change.

Rich carlton
Who Will Die on Castle? 04/08/2011

I think Frederick may be on the right track here. I have always wondered what Beckett would do if Castle were seriously injured. They have been in many life and death situations and Castle, while very intelligent is usually unarmed and always vulnerable. We are teased by Susan Sullivan that the show is about love and loss. Considering the show is called Knockout and I assume its about Beckett's mother, its not too far fetched that Castle could take a bullet. While this would be quite dramatic, it could be the deciding moment for Beckett. And let's not forget the Boom episode where Beckett's apartment blows up. I really don't think a main character will die, unless the actor has asked to be cut for career reasons.