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The Office Review: Guess That Price

Other than Andy being Andy, I didn't find anything wrong with this episode. But, I'm not trying to analyze it rather just enjoy it for what it is, a fun way to spend half an hour out of the day.
I felt the same way about Michael Scott, he's embarrassing to the point I want to cringe and hide my face rather then watch him make an ass out of him.
You might not like it, but the story is moving somewhere I think, they've now got Andy realizing he's depressed without a job at Dunder Mifflin and I don't think Nellie is going anywhere.


Not trying to be a pest, but "Did anyone else notice that the spare time Vanessa and Ralph’s..." I had to read it a few times to understand what you meant.
I liked the episode though, totally loved the scenery. I like Rachel/Dave team, think they might win it especially now that JJArt have this unreasonable hate for that team.


I love the scene titled "calm down". When Juliet tells Shawn that he is "acting like a child" and Shawn yells back, "I am NOT acting!"

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what is happeing to Heroes ?

Thanks, I was curious about this too. I own the first two seasons, and couldn't keep up watching the 3rd season. Seems now I didn't miss much by the critics/most fans...

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