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Of course, the producers and the writer's room has already made up their minds and will be shooting season 5 shortly, but I do wonder if part of the delay for Castle's renewal by ABC was some kind of series reboot. With Beckett resigned, she can try to resume her life prior to her mother's murder (law school?) or go out on a limb and do private sector P-I, which would require working for another P-I for a year (1800 hours as a protege comes to mind) casting a juicy part for that character, but far more likely is that Smith - who is no doubt some kind of US Congressional heavy hitter living in NYC - is killed and Beckett is lured back to the investigation, as it's her investigation that is the reason for it. (Another note: In light of the new conspiracy evidence in such a scenario, the widow Montgomery might have to kiss that Captain's pension goodbye. . .)
I liked the hookup and the commencement voice over as well. With her life literally hanging by her fingertips, she 'lets go' of her obsession with death and murder and chooses life, love and hope. As a fan of Farscape - where the series put literally EVERYTHING between the eventual hookup between the leads - I'm glad to see that Marlowe and Co. have the courage and the imagination to see that the hookup is merely a new start for a whole bunch of new situations and complications. It will never be easy for these two, there will always be some friction (ask any married couple) but there's also the great opportunity to watch as they snark at each other or have Castle tell the bad guy that you just pissed off the wrong girl, with the knowledge that it's his girl, and not merely his 'partner.' Thanks for a good season

Glee Review: We Can Burn Brighter

These last two episodes have been a good reason to keep watching. I no longer follow the show (Season 2 put me off), but the story lines have been strong (Finn healing his rift with Santana was especially sweet - and Quinn's heart-to-heart with Rachel about going to Columibia(?) to study drama as a girl who can cry was great also.
But we live for the musical numbers, and those Jackson mashups were terriffic!
I'll continue to 'drop in' on Glee from time to time.

Castle Review: Handcuffed, Hot and Heavy!

@The Watcher: Beckett has a motorcycle, and therefore a helmet, but she bought it just out of high school, and therefore like many of activities Kate's 'fun' side (including, probably, her trip to where she learned Russian), it predates her mother's murder. Beckett back then was a risk-taker and from her asides we know she's known a lot about fun.
But that was then. Like she tells the shrink, after her mom's murder her life changed, making her this strong, principled and yet diminished version of who she is. I see Kate not only opening up to Castle, but coming back to herself.