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Best Episode: The Devil's Share, just brilliant, even majority of movies aren't as well written and shot like that episode. Worst Episode: Reasonable Doubt was very poor. Provenance was saved by introduction of new villain who will hopefully appear next season. Best Character: Difficult but I think Root did lot of heavy-lifting both in first few episodes and final few episodes. Worst Main Character: Reese was nearly nonexistant this season except grieving for Carter. I think they need to introduce him into this Machine subplot. Season 4 request:
->Focus on new villains in 1st half of the show and keep Samaritan story at backseat initially, that Evil Finch could be awesome or do another local threat like HR.
-> Finch and Reese getting Elias's number again like say Decima going after Elias because he unintentionally foiled their plans, this is a good I feel they can bring Elias back with high stakes.
->Alistair Wesley hired by Decima to find Finch and Reese, both Greer and Wesley are MI-6 so would be cool to see the connection.
-> long time no proper hand combat for Reese so it would be great to see him throwing people out of the window again.

Person of Interest Review: Wrong Number

2.7 to this and 4.5 to previous episode? damn, I thought this was one of the better procedural episodes from season 3, much better than likes of Reasonable Doubt or Provenance. Adding another baddie is another positive because POI always reference them in future and not just add them for the sake of mystery. Fusco got the screen time, Finch got to do lot of heavy lifting, lots of positives from this episode.

Person of Interest Review: Reese's Revenge

Hands down best written episode of POI, the writing was on just another level, all the flashbacks were brilliant and both opening and ending sequences were brilliant, justice done and like they said in Shaw's flashbacks there is difference between "fixing" and "healing", glad they didn't went full revenge and didn't ruined Reese's character. Surpasses Prisoners Dilemma for me. Can't praise enough!!