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Torn Apart

Nice to be the first one to comment! I like this show but I hated the fact that episode 8 was the finale... soooo many questions remained unanswered and actually it's totally fair to say none one my questions from the first episode were answered! and something else... I think Maggie is unrealistically thin. I mean, like the ones you could count their ribs if they go topless... I don't want to label her with any disorders! lol...

The Mentalist Review: End of the Red Era

Honey, calm down... a lot of people were disappointed. I can't even comment on the following episodes... I was a huge fan of The Mentalist... but I just watch it for Cho and Lisbon :) I wish I could have coffee with Bruno Heller and tell him be happy that not all the fans the show are like me! lol my suggestion: move forward and watch the rest of the show... And keep in mind this disappointment!

The Mentalist Review: A Whole New World

I agree!

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