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Seriously why do they have to wear black all the time???? Even Elena? It's dull to watch. Really.

The Fugitives

S is getting on track...finally!!!!


I want it to be Nate, or Carter. Dan doesnt deserve S after what he did. Seriously. But all is up to S. If she can forgive D, then so be it.

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It's here, bitches!!!

she's not human, i think!! she's a perfect weirdo! i just kept playin d vid sinx 46 min ago! 

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another word from our DEAREST taylor momsen

I don't care what people say bout her. No, xtually I do care! It's not cuz she's 17. But cuz she really deserves to do wateva she wants. But maybe she's a bit too much as she just feel how it's like to be famous!!! So, let her be...I like the trend she create. MOMSEN ROCKS!!!

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Rational support for Dair

Wait, where r we gonna put V???? She's so fucking pathetic almost all the time. So, can we just let her enjoy D for awhile???!!!!??!?

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