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At least it just wasn't me noticing/imagining the character shift from bitchy to sympathetic to a kinda spoiled kid when the Wilson's took her in. I gotta say that, even if it wasn't consistent, Naomi's season was probably more interesting than some of the other characters. Staying on the positive note, at least there are more layers to Naomi now to play with than just the one-note bitch. It's pretty obvious that this first season was a shakedown cruise for everyone because of the showrunner switch, which will hopefully result in things going in a more focused direction in the fall. I, for one, am optimistic...especially with the announcement that the Beach Club would again be featured.


I understand that Ethan seemed to be expendable as the blah "nice guy" but why write him out with the strongest stuff he's been given to do...shake up the Dixon/Silver romance? Then, at least he'd be more interesting next season...but I guess they'll just drop that storyline and move on.


Hearing her talk like that makes me think it was the writers who caused so many viewers to hate Annie and disregard the character as lightweight. I've heard people criticize her acting, which may be fair, but she can only act the lame plotlines she's been given. On the other hand, perhaps you have to establish her as a "good girl" to make the upcoming arc meaningful. Either way, I'll be watching to see her develop.

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There's No Place Like Homecoming

IMHO, this episode was the best yet because everybody had something to do...even Navid and Adrianna.   While I enjoy seeing Kelly and Brenda (and would welcome other alumni), this is the kind of ep that will let this show stand on its own.

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