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Criminal Minds Review: Let Me Go ...

First...That is NOT AJ Cook in the picture with Joe Mantegna at the top. That is Rachel Nichols, whose character Ashley Seaver, has NOT gone over well with the majority of CM fans (don't believe me, go to any CM message board. For every positive Seaver post, you'll find at least ten BEGGING for her to be killed, transferred, or otherwise removed from the BAU. Second...The episode was AMAZING. MGG's direction was brilliant...the flashback format could have gone very, very badly but it didn't. It was really well shot and the pacing was good too. Third... I really don't get your criticism of the funeral. Of course they had a funeral for her...JJ told them she was dead. A funeral, especially for a fallen FBI agent, isn't out of place. It's common sense. Especially considering her death was being faked. Do you not think it would have been a wee bit suspicious if an FBI agent was killed by an escaped terrorist and there was no service? You don't think the team wouldn't have questioned that? I'm sure Doyle would have, let's not forget that Doyle got away after finding out that his son was alive. Since he believed that Emily knew where Declan was and he was determined to get his child back, he'd NEVER stop coming after her until one of them was dead. I loved seeing AJ Cook back..she needs to return. Paget needs to return...although quite frankly after the way they were treated I wouldn't blame them if they told CBS to kiss their backsides. And if Paget's pilot gets picked up the odds of her coming back go from slim to none. I'll miss Emily. This episode showed why Prentiss is so important to the BAU family and to fans. We lost a strong, capable, qualified, BAMF female lead and are left with...Seaver. Thanks a lot Nina Tassler and CBS. You messed with perfection and the fans don't appreciate it one bit.