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Gossip Girl Round Table: "War at the Roses"

For the quotes, I reckon Blairs whole speech on how she searched for Chuck all summer was awesome firstly because I was getting a bit freaked about Blair knowing where Jack was but secondly because I was also miffed up until now about how she didn't seem to care that he just disappeared. So twas very sweetly wrapped up. Also hardest to believe bit has to go to the fact that the writers thought it was a good idea to bring Vanessa back. Granted it was a short intrusion but Vanessa screen time is wasted screen time.... Too evil?

Gossip Girl Instant Reaction: Sound Off Now!

I say 'OMG It was so awesome' every week XD I freakin loved the Chair storyline, not just the awesome piano sex at the end...... Oops lost my train of thought, but yeah, the treaty was hilarious and Blairs admission that she was trying to find Chuck all summer was one of my favourite moments. The whole thing with Dan though was pretty stupid but it's too easy to overlook it when we had Chair action :D I'm also loving the Juliet storyline, I've no idea where it's headed but I think the writer's have done a great job so far with gradually letting it unfold. Gothic Barbie... mwah ha ha- brilliant!

Gossip Girl Spoiler Pic: Spotted in NYC ...

Aw, their so pretty together but unfortunately it could just be a friends photo, maybe Chuck's gotten bad news and Blair's just being consoling... I do think a full reconciliation is a good while away yet but this is definitely a step in the right direction. I've a feeling they'll do a Dan/Serena for a while first.

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More theories on Chuck's memory loss (Spoilers)

A memory loss storyline SUCKS!!!

Please, please, please dont be the case!

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Possible SLs for Season 4

For a second there, I was positive Vufus was a Vanya/ Rufus union... Shows how little I think of Vanessa!

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Who's at fault?


i- He could have waited just that teency bit longer because it seems Blair must not have been too late.

ii- It wasn't entirely spur of the moment with Jenny because at some point between kissing on the sofa, they moved to the bedroom, seemingly changed into night- clothes, lit candles and then he asked her if she really wanted to do this- meaning he had ample time to back out. I'm not so much blaiming Jenny here because although she also acted stupidly, she wasn't really hurting anyone but herself with her actions. Regardless of whether Chuck thought Blair deserted him, he knew well this would be a low blow and also after last weeks episode, I'm positive he knew well that she loved him!

iii- As Nate established, Chucks black book was loaded with nameless sluts so the fact he chose the virgin, enemy of Blair was just ridiculous.

I know its not the end Chuck and Blair however and it's definitly going to add dimension to their relationship when they try to ove past it! Looking forward to seeing where the writers take this!


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