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Hell on Wheels Review: Hunting for Harper

Cullen Bohannon
gets up late as foreman of at least 3 crews of railroad workers
in episode 3.
Goes off to find Sergeant Harper.
Finds Lily Bell.
Stays gone 2 days.
Delivers Lily Bell back to the railhead.
Goes back out. Finds the wood cutter’s camp.
Rides out after Harper. Sits on his horse and shoots
until Harper shoots his horse out from under him.
Rides back to the railhead in a wagon.
Gets drunk. Gets up late. I have to stop here and mention that any man with
no more interest in a construction job than that would
not have had a job at the return of Lily Bell.
The all night drunk would have also got him fired. The writers have not concept of railroad construction.
It would take about 1800 crossties a day to make a mile
a day. They sure don't show it here. Swinging sledgehammers into mud is also more show
than real construction. It's all a mess with the inmates running the asylum.