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Rachel Nichols Speaks on Criminal Minds Role

Good bye Criminal Minds! Enough is enough. This latest character change sucks, jmnsho. But, I stick to my word, Prentiss goes, I go and I won't watch the new show, which I knew would be coming along. It was nice while it lasted, But CBS always pushes too much. Maybe you could save money getting rid of that nut case Charlie Sheen, amazing how much they put up with, when it's a male character.


Too many changes to the show. It was a great cast. It took awhile to get use to Prentiss, but she's a good part of the show. With 2 of the female leads going, and this new woman character, I think not. If they are trying to save money why add another character. Regardless, if they kill Emily off, I am done with the show. And I will not watch their new show. Maybe they should get rid of some of the CBS heads to save money, who the hell needs them. CBS you are run by a bunch of MORONS! That's why I am gravitating more to the new shows on Lifetime and TNT.

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