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Castle Review: Jackpot!!

Frankly ? You said it all ! It was just the lighthearted kind of material we needed after last week's emotional rollercoaster and it ticked all the boxes. As always the plot itself was extremely well treated and we could see something interesting on the Gates/Beckett front, in the way Beckett rose to defend Castle and praise his ability to think out of the box. She's no longer at a loss around Gates and has been more an more assertive (since Kick the Ballistics I guess)which I like. Sadly, we didn't get to see what happened during Ryan's impromptu bachelor party but then, given Castle's state when he came back to a bemused Alexis, it might all be for the best LOL! As for the three Elvises (or rather two Elvises and one El-vez !) well, what can I say ? If somebody could pull that little stunt off, it was our boys !!! Unforgettable ! A really enjoyable episode all in all. Now how are we gonna cope with having to wait another two weeks, I have no clue...