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Here's my thing on this whole season. I was loving last season to bits and pieces and I own all the box sets. But my fear was when I heard that Kripke (SP?) was stepping back from being the lead story developer this season I had my fears that the ship was going to sink. He had only wanted it to be 5 seasons, and this is number 6. Do not get me wrong I do throughly enjoy the show, but they are really grasping for straws here. It was also a crappy blow for Rufus to be axed like that. Not too sad over Samuel and Gwen because in all honesty, they weren't all that greatly developed for this season, but Rufus was a irregular regular staple to the show. I'm still holding out hope for this season as we are going on again another hiatus, but sometimes you just need a crazy dramatic end to leave it up in the air (i.e season 5 ending) to have a lasting and profound effect to the viewer fan base. This is just IMHO, and I could be wrong.

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