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Vampire Diaries stole Buffy Villain?

Yeah it's so sad how they are trying to replicate the love triangle from buffy when Elenas choices are obviously between unauthentic unoriginal sentimental serial killer and slightly less handsome unauthentic unoriginal sentimental serial killer...

Sidenote: I love how many Once Upon A Time avatars I see lately, one of the best shows on television at the moment imo.


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Vampire Diaries stole Buffy Villain?

yeah... but this one really bugs me.

Don't touch Buffy :D

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Vampire Diaries stole Buffy Villain?

Now they really stepped a little over the line in my opinion.

Silas is essentially THE FIRST from Buffy, a creature whose primary character trait seems to be 'evil' and who appears in different forms to play mindgames with the heroes and convince them to do bad things like human sacrifices...

I think it's just not right, in one moment they use Buffy as a sort of condescending reference joke pretending they are oh so different from that show and in the next they steal its villains.

I'm curious how they are going to solve the whole thing, if it ends up being a fight between VampElena and First/SilasElena I'm going to be really mad.

What do you think?

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