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Scandal Round Table: Welcome Back, Gladiators!

I loved this episode its so good to have Scandal back on TV. One of my favourite quotes was David's response to Abby's "I have red hair" David: "You have a colourist"

Hart of Dixie Review: Mr. and Mrs. Romeo

Zoe overacting, Wade hiding his dad, Levon sulking, Joel blindly following Zoe, George pining for Tansy and Anna Beth pretending to be ok. I'm not sure why I still watch this show, its seems to replay itself in every other episode. Bring back Lemon, this format is getting stale.


Quinn definitely overstepped. Olivia isn't a client she had no business looking into her personal emails. However, unlike the rest of the gladiators Quinn didn't ask to be saved by Olivia so she continues to question Olivia's actions. I think Quinn has lost a piece of the innocent woman we saw in season one she's slowly becoming more cold and calculating. The question is when will anyone else besides Huck notice her new found dark side?

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