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I didn't realize, after watching GOT episode 5...
**** Spoiler ****
A besotted Lysa, with a request from Petyr Baelish added drops to Jon Arryn's wine, meanwhile also following his instructions per a secret letter addressed to Catelyn. (Pilot episode) Thinking about it, this whole mess started with Jon Arryn's death. I just don't recall that tidbit from the books. (Do I need to be corrected?) Great episode tonight, probably the best well rounded episode of the series, intrigue, humor, suspense. I agree with Chris, best death of the series was Locke. I can't believe that after this weeks episode, we are half-way though season 4.

Almost Human: Canceled by Fox

I too am disappointed. Two of my all time Fox Science Fictions were not picked after only one year. Almost Human and Serenity.


Sansa will need development in that area. They are heading for the Eyrie, she will need "smarts" in dealing with Lysa,

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