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Actually, Charice WILL Recur on Glee!

@noshadesofgray: Botox is for treatment of TMJ (jaw problem), migraine, wrinkles. Charice's face at 18 is wrinkle-free, she has no migraine, but she had TMJ. Botox was for the TMJ - the reason she had the treatment. The beauty aspect was incidental, and the doctor chose to focus on that, and convinced Charice to go on camera to advertise it. Naive as she was, she agreed, to the doctor's advantage (more patients). Charice also had Thermage to treat her acne caused by stress and lack of sleep (would you want to go on Glee with your skin breaking out?) This issue keeps on being resurrected and is already stale news. How about focusing instead on the various charitable work of Charice, articles on which is very very scarce.