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1 song does not make a season. If I quit watching Glee everytime I did not enjoy one of the songs. I would not have made it past the 1st episode of the first year. Lighten up and just enjoy the show.

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Artie and Brittany

Artie and Britney all the way. 

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I cant stand her character and I think she is the self proclaimed B!tch she claims to be.   But you have to admit she can sing.

I agree with the others Valerie is a fantastic song of hers.

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Glee Friday by Rebecca Black cover

Puck and Sam did a fantastic job on the song.  But Artie and his rap sold the song.   I actually listened to it about 10 times and I could only stomach the one time I heard the original.

Not my favorite glee song of all time but its going on my ipad for sure.

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