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Dexter Review: Softcore Cornography

Wow, looks like I've found a Dexter support group, bonus. Ok long story short, I was really late getting in the game, primarily because I never have time for TV and never watch any shows. The show "Dexter" had always intrigued me, but I just never got around to it. Well, last year I ended up watching 1 episode of Season 1 and I was hooked. That launched me into playing catch-up and watching 5 seasons, like some sort of meth-addict.
ANYWAYS...........This season is unlike the others. Every season had additions of new characters, some unforgettable (ie Brian, Dokes, Trinity, Lumen and the list goes on) and those characters seem to always go as well. I can get past all of that and I do welcome new peeps, Mike from Chicago taking Deb's place is a good addition. But this season lacks that certain something. The conflict of who Dex is, I can handle, cause of course that's the nature of the show. But the lack of victims, the lack of twisting storylines that follows multiple episodes (outside of the main line) and ultimately, the lack of suspense. I used to get so excited about that knot I would feel in my stomach almost every episode, because the suspense was masterful (The end of the Trinity season as it all started tying together was absolutely awesome). But this season is kinda blah, so far. Ok, that's out of my system. I'll try not to recap everything next time, lol.