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Love this bit of casting... I think Matthew will be a great addition.
Altho im pretty sure half of the ppl will boo this idea. Will gone Finn in. Love it.
Lockhart and Polmar. Could be good.
I dont want Alicia to hook up with him... Maybe Kalinda.

The Good Wife Review: The Unexpected

Hell Yes I WILL STILL WATCH EVERY SINGLE EPISODE FROM NOW UNTIL THE SERIES FINALE! This episode was brilliant and may be the first time I have liked Will all season.
I think that the portrayals by everyone were amazing and the show was done brilliantly.
Forget all your feelings about Will/Alicia. At the end of the day Josh Charles wanted to leave. They needed to find a way to give his character a send off and make it so that what happened in this episode can create a new direction for the show.
When you look at it, people die all the time, what happened in that court is very real. I think it was done very brilliantly. I am impressed.


Exacles... I loved the Neverland story line and the show in general. This is one of the shows where the story line make sense. Haters gonna hate but this was a brilliant episode... Cant wait for next week...