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- I think I sided with Carl for shooting the teenager. They asked the teen to put the gun down but he kept coming close to Carl asking him to take it from him. You know the teen is trying to get close to hurt Carl. Totally self defence and good move by Carl.
- Andrea was frustrating as usual in the season. Wasting all that time chatting with Milton instead of concentrating on escaping.
- Why didn't a single armed Woodbury person shoot back at the Gov before he killed them all. They were trained in using those guns and hard to believe not one of them got a shot through ? Is he so invincible now that you can't shoot back at it...
- I think the complain that Glen and Maggie didn't kill any one of the invading party was by design. Agree that it was stupid decision but they had planned not to kill any of the town folk. But they could have at least taken down the henchmen, those firing big machine guns at their prison.

American Horror Story Review: The Boy Dahlia

Can anyone explain how viv can stay away fom the house for so long with loosing the babies. When in the earlier episodes she almost had miscarriage bleeding at the thought of leaving the house?


I don't get... Why would the ghosts want Viv sent out of the house when she almost had a miscarriage last time she wanted to leave. Kind of defeats the purpose of having new babies in the house ? Can anyone explain...