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Bones Review: "The Body in the Bag"

I have been a Bones fan since the beginning, have loved watching the tension build between the two of them, watching them learn and grow from one another; to see the caring and concern that they both try to hide and deny - and have sat on the edge my seat this last season thinking this is it, its going to happen, they are going to come back and after a bit of their own style of struggle the hook up will finally come!!! and in walks Hannah...what are the writers thinking???!!! I am so disappointed and disgusted and bored watching these strange people walk around in characters that seem totally unknown to me...Angela is sitting by the wayside while her BFF is hurting, Hannah and Bones are becoming BFF's knowing that Bones is in love with Booth, get with it writers!! and Booth is no longer "cocky" with the belt buckle or caring for Bones or even talking to her or trading barbs with her?? The whole show is losing its edge of what we have come to love about it -- the only good thing is watching everyone getting used to the Squinterns new open attitude. Bring Bones and Booth together and lose Hannah before you lose the fans!!