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White Collar Spoilers: Answers to Come!

Can't wait until January. I do hope Moz will be back. I confess I like Neal, and I hope it doesnt become the Peter Burke (Tim DeKay) show. Matt is too tremendous an asset to be stuck as the villain-like of the show. I also want to know why Peter is so quick to forgive and trust Fowler. Maybe Peter really DOES want Neal out of the way on some level. Neal, he is going to crucify on the cross of betrayal it seems from Tim's comments. Maybe Peter is going to need at some point to look at his own 'man in the mirror' especially if it turns out Fowler really isnt telling a full story. Don't trust Fowler and don't take his word at face value. I thought Peter was more honorable and intelligent then to be pulling these double standards and believing him. Though this is Eastin and things may not really be as they seem right now, like last year when he had everyone thinking Peter was the man with the ring and holding Kate.