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I am 23 years old & I live in Texas. There is not much really to do in our little town so, I watch alot of tv when I am not working lol The shows I watch are Gossip Girl One Tree Hill 90210 Reaper - Cw Tv Grey's Anatomy Private Practice Desperate Housewives Brothers & Sisters - Abc Csi Miami Ghost Whisperer - Nbc I love my shows I am such a fan !!!!! Well ya need anything or have any questiong if you are a new viewer Ya can email me  
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Omg This is going to be an amazing season finale. I am not sure if Izzie is going to make it but, I sure hope she does.

I hope maybe they can squeeze in a suprise merder wedding. That would be awesome. If not there is always next year.

I also heard that George has suprising news something about going the army I do believe that he is leaving the show from what I have found out.

This is just going to be an ultimate tear jerker. Better buy some tissues.


I love that Derek gives her a wedding present n Meredith gets the solo surgery... No matter how many times they hmmm she is gonna do great


So, judging from last nights episode when silver and ethan were talking in the hall way... The islands and the bridges he was talking about him and silver I think because, didn't you see his face when she was like I have not been doing my part with Dixon.

Wonder what Ethan has up his sleeve hmmmmmm