Sarah h

Sarah H

I am 23 years old & I live in Texas.

There is not much really to do in our little town so,

I watch alot of tv when I am not working lol

The shows I watch are

Gossip Girl One Tree Hill 90210 Reaper - Cw Tv

Grey's Anatomy Private Practice Desperate Housewives Brothers & Sisters - Abc

Csi Miami Ghost Whisperer - Nbc

I love my shows I am such a fan !!!!!

Well ya need anything or have any questiong if you are a new viewer

Ya can email me


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Sarah h
Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Finale Promo

Omg This is going to be an amazing season finale. I am not sure if Izzie is going to make it but, I sure hope she does. I hope maybe they can squeeze in a suprise merder wedding. That would be awesome. If not there is always next year. I also heard that George has suprising news something about going the army I do believe that he is leaving the show from what I have found out. This is just going to be an ultimate tear jerker. Better buy some tissues.

Sarah h

I love that Derek gives her a wedding present n Meredith gets the solo surgery... No matter how many times they hmmm she is gonna do great

Sarah h

So, judging from last nights episode when silver and ethan were talking in the hall way... The islands and the bridges he was talking about him and silver I think because, didn't you see his face when she was like I have not been doing my part with Dixon. Wonder what Ethan has up his sleeve hmmmmmm