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The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Bloody Hell?

Personally I am glad that Damon will be back. I feel that Bonnie has been pushed to the side the last couple seasons. Yes she did have moments so maybe this storyline will give her more screen time.


Yes I have started FNL on Netflix! 7 episodes in and I am hooked!
Once I am done with FNL, I will be rewatching OTH.


First off, why the actors on Suits and the show itself never get any Emmy nominations is beyond me!
In the span of one episode I go from feeling bad for Louis to being mad at him! He as so mean to Donna!
Also does Louis not realize that if Jessica were ever to be escorted out of the firm in handcuffs for hiring Mike then he would be right behind her for his deal with Forstman. You can believe that if Louis ever reveals anything about Mike she will make sure it is known about Louis and Forstman.
However I think Louis just used Mike and Harvard to get his name on the wall.
If Jessica actually does hire him back and puts his name on the wall, I do not know why Louis would want to work at a firm where he has no friends or allies (especially with what he said to Donna and Katrina being fried). I guess being name partner is all that matters to Louis. So now we will get the Seasons 1 and 2 Louis that I did not like.
I really liked he Harvey and Mike scene at the restaurant.

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