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I'm glad I was wrong about Calisa over the last couple weeks and that she is the person that I was hoping she would be. I knew that she was going to confess so that Joss could go free when she was told by her lawyer(who I still say that actress can not act)that she should still frame Joss and that none of the Calista so-called friends will come to bat for her. I knew she realize that she had nobody and the Joss had a whole bunch of people that loved her and would do the right thing even though I do not think that Calista killed Luca .
I do not like Miranda I have never liked her I am upset that she spilled the beans that Marc relapsed but I hope that April will be there for him and they will get together.
I knew that Vivian was going to collapse when they were on their way out the door I have a feeling that she is not going to make it past the finale I have not seen the preview so I do not know but I am pretty sure that her dying wish was going to be that Alec and Karen marry and raise the baby.
And I love that Harry bought the house however was he just sad thinking that job is not going to get out of jail when the militated imagine kids or does he not want kids.?

Sarah silva
Suits Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Faith

OMG! That is what I have to say!
We got not one, not two but three bombshells at the end of the episode.
First I will start with one thing I was sure was going to happen but didn't.
Jessica: I was sure she was going to be voted out, but Harvey came in and saved the day. While Jessica is not my favorite character I did love that Harvey saved her job.
The other thing I was sure of was that Harvey was going to resign and I was right with that prediction. The show may have tried to trick us into thinking he would not but as soon as he told Mike that if he had not quit then he would have kicked him out the door himself. I knew 100% that Harvey had quit at that point.
Now for Mike, I will admit that I never really thought he would quit. However when he put on his old watch and got out his bike, I had a feeling. As much as I like Rachel, I will say I did not like the look of relief on her face when Mike told her he quit. She was never going to be 100% happy with him when he was working there.
Then the arrest! I need to know who ratted him out! I wonder if Harvey will start his own firm and Mike will be his first client. Either that Jessica, Louis and Harvey will work together. I think Mike will have a better chance with Harvey.
I wonder if my long standing prediction will come true and Harvey and Mike will eventually have a firm together.
The one lighter moment of the hour was Donna and Dr. Agard.
Jessica was right when she new Donna was the one that could find him.
I liked Gretchen standing up to Jessica.

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Before the show premiered I read about the show and I don't recall seeing that it was supposed to be an anthology series. However obviously that's what we have if the show is renewed next year it will be with a new set wives and their husbands and probably from a different decade. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that, I'm sure it will still be a good show but I did really enjoy all the cast on this season and wish that we could've seen more stories but in the end it all tied together nicely and I found myself crying at last five minutes of the show when we found what what happened to the Mercury 7 and what really stood out for me was that Betty never married again. I found it interesting that only 7 of the 30 couples lasted.
I agree with your whole review but my favourite was Betty.
I too think I will go buy the book.

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