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Suits Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Intent

Another fantastic episode.
I knew Harvey would get Donna out of the mess she was in, however if it was not for Mike's idea I am not sure how Harvey would have done it.
The look on Harvey's face when he left Donna's apartment after saying he loved her, seems like he really is in love with her. However I am sure if they do get together it will not be until the end of the series.
I was surprised that Jeff resigned especially after what Jessica said to him.

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Sarah silva

I am a little surprised that Liz told Red about the Fulcrum.
I should have known that Red would find a way to keep the witness quiet.
I too think Liz and or Ressler getting caught every episode is getting old.
I do enjoy this show still but to me it seems like since it came back from hiatus, it has been missing something that it used to have (barring the Ron Pearlman episodes).
Aram playing with his hair all episode after Red told him how great his hair was, was funny.

Sarah silva

I absolutely loved this episode.
The Steve and Danny moments were so great.
I loved Steve talking about cats saying they are adorable ninjas. Alex was looking extra sexy this week, especially when he was holding the cat.
Steve opening up to was Danny great. So was Steve telling Danny he could drive.
I admit I had tears in my eyes when Danny bought Steve the guitar.
Cloris Leachman was funny.