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So happy this show is back. This was such a great episode.
I very rarely rewind scenes and watch them again and I find I do that a lot with this show because the scenes are so great. I did that twice this time, once when Mike let Jessica have it and the Jessica, Louis scene near the end.
Can not wait until next week.

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I enjoyed this episode a lot. I am sure it will be explained once Oliver is back in Starling City how he survived. While I am not familiar with the comics I do read all of Carissa's posts on here and comments from fans about the show so I knew about the Lazarus pits. While they have yet to say exactly what medicine etc he was given to come back to life I am sure we will all know soon.
We learned two things tonight: No matter how much effort Laurel and Roy put into saving Starling and fighting bad guys, they need Oliver. Also as Laurel proved that no matter what weapons you have a kick to the groin will do some damage.
I am not surprised that Lance did not realize it was Laurel. Lance should not that the Arrow is Oliver but he does not. That is part of the show and you take that with a grain of salt. Personally it does not bother me. The only thing that I tried to remember was if Sara called Quentin, Daddy. I do not remember her saying that, I thought she called him dad. So if she never said Daddy then that should have made Quentin curious.
I am sure once Thea finds out about Malcolm and what he did, she will team up with DJ Boy and her brother to kill him!

Sarah silva
Stalker Season 1 Episode 14 Review: My Hero

LOL I said that as well and he was on sand, that would have helped to put out the fire I am sure.