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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 9 Review: Lean In

I still think the show is spending to much time with Hank, Sandy and Ruby, at least Sarah was part of their story line this week though.
I am a little disappointed at Mark Cyr's return. I was expecting more. Well I guess really hoping more: I wish he would have told Sarah he never got married because he could not see himself marrying anyone but her and then Sarah realizing that Hank wants to get back together with Sandy, would tell Mark she missed him and then the show would leave us with the hope they would get back together. However sadly that was not going to happen.
The looks of longing and sadness between Mark and Sarah sure made me feel that these two still love each other!
It sure looks like they are wrapping up the Hank and Sarah storyline by having Hank tell Sarah earlier in the episode that she was the best thing to happen to him and then the end when she said that there is no place she would rather be than with him.
So is Julia going to tear up the divorce papers now? She sure seemed determined to finally sign the papers after Chris told her he was done waiting, but it sure looks like Julia and Joel will get back together.
The Max and Dylan storyline sure escalated but then by the episodes end it was all resolved.
It does feel like now with only 4 episodes left all the strorylines are going to be rushed.
I have a feeling that Zeke will die and the show will jump forward and we will see however is living their lives in the future.

Sarah silva

As soon as we saw the blond twins in the flash back I knew it was Luke and Liv. I must say I really like this storyline. I hope now that Kai left Bonnie behind in Oregon that Luke, Liv and Jo can somehow bring her back and keep Kai in 1994.
I am sure they will be able to find away to have both Luke and Liv remain alive.
I liked the Damon and Elena scene at the end and to me that indicates that before too long Damon and Elena will be back together.
Damon was on fire tonight, he had so may great lines but the best was when he was talking to Stefan as Miss Cuddles scene I rewatched that 3 times, it was super funny.
Stefan told the guys he does not like Caroline in that way but when he went to talk to her at the end it sure seems like he changed his mind and he does like her. However I really want to see them remain just friends. Well once Caroline is over being mad at him.
Leigh: Hands down being the only girl with Damon, Stefan and Alaric would be my choice. :)

Sarah silva
Stalker Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Skin

Another solid episode. It was a little more slow going than the others but it was still a good episode.
I too loved Mark Blucas being back on tv!
I am starting to like Trent, I like that he told Amanda that her son needs to get to know his father. I hope she listens. Trent and Jack do not like each other, the look that Jack gave Trent when he told him to go around back was funny. However now that Jack saved Trent's life I think the two men now have an understanding with each other and will be able to stand each other when they work together again.
Now Beth knows someone was in her house.
Fun fact: I read that Maggie and Dylan are dating in real life!

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