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Stalker Round Table: Perry's Commuppance

What was your favorite quote or scene?
Janice giving Perry a taste of his own medicine in the parking garage. What did you think of the case this week?
It was okay, not one of my favorites but I do love how the show makes each week different. Talk about Perry's next move.
I too think his dad will post his bail and then he will go after Beth and Janice. What did you think of the stalker reveal?
As soon as I saw Jason Wiles' name I knew he would be the Stalker. Could Amanda and Jack get together?
I have a feeling that yes eventually they will get together, however I would prefer him with Janice.

Sarah silva

When Root was talking to the child it sure sounded like Root's days were numbered. I think she will be the one to die. Unless Sarah Shahi is pregnant, she wore a coat the whole time and I was wondering if she was hiding a pregnancy.

Sarah silva

Not enough Jamie this week.
I knew Olivia was the one that stole the gun and I was not at all surprised by how she handled it.
I was also not surprised by Danny's reaction when he found out that Linda had been mugged.