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Graceland Review: All In

I continue to feel bad for Mike.
This time we have Paige and Briggs going behind his back. He is smart and figured that out right away but seemed understanding when Briggs gave him the explanation!
I still do not think things will end well. The whole sex trafficking storyline wrapped up way to fast, however I guess it just propels forward the storyline with Sid.
I am glad that Johnny will be back in the USA! He would have been killed by either Papa Solano or Carlito if he stayed.
I like that Brigg's is on board with the baby, however do not see how Brigg's can save himself now that the tape is in the wrong hands. If Sid has it then he will have to kill Sid and destroy that tape!

Rookie Blue Review: Spreading the Misery

I am glad I can finally talk about the episode.
The commissioner is dirty. I am not 100% sure if he set up the bomb, I think it is very possible that Ted set up the bomb.
I like Steve and Traci but you can totally tell that Bailey will be her love interest next season.
I think it has only been a couple months since Marlo left as when the season started Chloe was still in the hospital after being shot. So the ultrasound is most likely hers and we will have to endure the whole: will Sam break up with Andi because he thinks that he and Marlo should be together only because she is carrying his baby However if the baby is his I hope he stays with Andy. No more breaking up for them!
I think Chloe will get together with Nick.

The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Bloody Hell?

Personally I am glad that Damon will be back. I feel that Bonnie has been pushed to the side the last couple seasons. Yes she did have moments so maybe this storyline will give her more screen time.

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