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I'm like freaking out! I cannot WAIT to see the finale.. but I also can't watch it! hahaha.. it's kinda scary!


I found the first 7 minutes like so traumatic! But I can't NOT watch the FINALE!


Richard and Bailey are fan favourites. I don't want ANY of them dying and getting hurt. I just love em. They're like the parents of all the doctors.

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Set photos 16th August (Spoilers)

on the plus side finally some multiculturalism/diversity

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What Exactly Did Lily Do Wrong?

I don't like Lily or her Character.

She's this beautiful blonde, who marries many men. Then marries Bart Bass, I believe Bart really really did care for her. She slept with Rufus during her marriage didn't give a crap about Bart. Poor Bart, died coming back to see Lily.She adopted Chuck to make him family, but Chuck wanted a family, and also a way for the company to be safe from Jack.

Lily married Rufus, the love of her life, raises a blended family, doesn't really care about Chuck too much. Survives cancer (courtesy or Dr.VdW) blah blah. THen we find out she forged a document to make it seem like Serena's poor records (academic performance) was due to this incident with a teacher sleeping with her (COMPLETELY FALSE!). She puts an innocent man in jail, a completely innocent man.

She decides to SELL THE COMPANY without even telling Chuck?!  Bart left that for CHUCK and how DARE she decide to give that away. It's practically what Chuck has been working towards to. He's Chuck flippin BASS and Lily Vanderwoodsen Bass Humphrey takes it upon herself to sell it? That's Chuck's future career, his life (next to Blair of course), and she decides to sell it? Why? BEcause she needs money?!

Lily is a horrible character. Really immoral.

I'd even say I like Jenny humphrey better than lily.


Rufus is too good a man for her.

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This totally seems fake.

The writings utter crap. The dialogue makes NO sense whatsoever. You think Dan would talk to Chuck like that? And Blair would sit by and let him?


Dan loves Serena and Serena Loves Dan. I wouldn't mind a Dan/Blair one night stand and witty conversations but THIS scene (as shit as it is) is stupid. It makes NO sense.

It's got to be fake.

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