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1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode? Jackson: Oh, Chief Sheppard, if I am wrong you can spank me - I do hope I am wrong.. 2. Did Sloane (the younger) ultimately make the right decision? Yes, she had no way to take care of that baby, and as much as daddy Sloane would have loved it, it wouldn't have been a good situation 3. Did Derek make the right decision for the cardio position?
I do, though it's kinda cold. I am not a huge fan of Teddy and I feel like she is just there for the Owen Christina thing but not really to stand alone. Evans was a better choice for the good of the hospital...And she IS a good teacher, so I guess that's good since Evans said no. 4. Will Callie acquiesce to Arizona regarding the baby issue?
I dunno, I think she might try to. I can't see it working out though, I feel like Arizona has to cave or something major has to happen to make it work. Game changer? 5. Will Lexie end the season with Mark, Alex, or neither?
Blah I dunno. Lexie needs a good guy, truly. Alex is good but is messy right now, and Mark and her didn't work. So neither 6. Will April be a game-changer?
I kinda hope she goes crazy-stalker on us. It would make for some great T.V. I really don't think she will be a game changer in a way that ruins Mer/Der but it could be interesting to see her go long island lolitta on us :)

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