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in the letter-reading funeral screen...i cried. a lot. but despite you not wanting the bad stuff to happen, it makes for a great episode!


@ han
yeah i was gonna say pretty sure i've seen that scene before.
and i dont want it to finish either :( one of my fav shows. hope it hurries up and comes out on dvd in australia soon!

Tribute Band

its like the wiggles with the same-but-different-coloured jumpers (sweaters) lol

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Steven Spielberg Glee-style musical TV series

Have a read of this article:




apparently Steven Spielberg is "to create (a) Glee-style musical TV series"

but with original songs and based around a cast pullnig together to perform a broadway musical.


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Justin Bieber Episode

I COMPLETELY AGREE....hes been in the music industry for like 2 minutes compared to music legends like madonna and Michael Jackson.! plus he seems to only appeal to one agegroup - whereas again, madonna and michael jackson have such a widespread, decade spanning audience!

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