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Grimm Review: Penultimate Flatline

I thought this was a tribute to King Kong..
Did I miss something but why don't they consult Rosalee about the herbs or drugs used...

Fringe Review: Haven't We Been Here Before?

Let's speculate..
I like what others think that the Inner Child is September.. or Peter is September. At least nobody thinks Peter will be Lord Valdemort. Its likely Donald( I hope its Sam becoz I missed Uncle Eddy) took out the boy from Doraemon pocket to the outside world that boy grew up. I love the idea of pocket universe. It reminds me the ending of Men In Black 1 final where our universe is just inside a marble.. That even remind me of an anime called Captain Future where the hero investigate the theft of some black pearls from some famous museums. Later it was found out that the pearls if tied together is a doorway to a micro universe where the villains want to invade to get a valuable minerals. The hero save the micro universe and give them a sun.. oops sorry but I really love the idea...