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Wooow...I'm quite surprised to the all the skewed perceptions of Jessica. Zero personality??? Give her a break, she's only 16...and actually quite mature for her age. Jessica is technically flawless. Her ability is mind blowing sounding years ahead of her age. She also has much more potential than the others because she is so young and has plent room to grow. The sky is the limit. She had an off night last night, but part of the blame has to do with Jimmy's cheesy song choice in "Ill be there". Phillip is different and original yes, but this is a singing competition, and he seems like he has to jerk every muscle in his body to get a note out... he was great on "we've got tonight", why? Because it was one of the few songs that he actually displayed his vocal ability which was good, but not near the supremacy of Josh and Jessica...American Idol needs a female winner and hopefully Jessica will be the one...if not America just picked another Lee Dewyze

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