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Sorry, but I think Owen was a massive douche this episode. He was being way too selfish regarding Cristina and acted like his "half" of the decision mattered more than hers. Secondly, he gave Karev all that crap about selling out Meredith and yet he was the one who went to Derek about it. Come on.

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LEXI and SLOAN? (Relationships)

At first I had my doubts about Lexie and Mark, but, I do think it's a bit cute how she's making him feel all embarrassed and ashamed. I guess as long as she's not one of his "conquest" subjects or whatever, it's all good.

And I'll bet some of the fans are loving the potential of Lexie probably "changing" Mark into a better guy. That theme always gets some people <_<

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Sympathy For Devil (Episodes)

Am I the only one who was cringing at the end of this episode? I mean, they should have just had him... do one, erm, attempt, rather than dragging it out. And this is Grey's Anatomy, they've shown the insides of bodies before, so I was FREAKING OUT. I thought they were going to make some horror scene. >_< The dramatic music didn't help either. That must've been... painful. I was cringing each time PDR (since that's his name), erm, "attempted".

I mean, yeah, he murdered 5 women (and I loved how Derek got in his face and barked at him that "he doesn't get to choose"), but, damn... it's like a horror scene. Sort of. >_<

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