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Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 288

Henry: Look! An Intern!
Owen: He shoots...he Scores! My favorite sport is Bowling for Interns!
Henry: Yes I could tell with all of the people walking around in football helmets!

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 287

Derek: So here is the plan, we go to Shondaland. Mer: Don't you mean Wonderland? Der: NO. I mean Shondaland. Kind of like Wonderland, except without creepy people, unless you count Mark...and maybe Lexi.

Grey's Anatomy Caption Contest 286

Callie: And this is that time when me an George got married at the Elvis Hotel. i know you wanted pictures, but George made me promise not to show anyone! Doesn't he look so cute in that Elvis tux? And look at that big wig on his head, it's almost as big as he is!