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I agree with Aces why is everyone hating on Lori? Seriously, every comment I read is dripping with such disdain for this character, I don't get it. She's not in the credits so obviously she's not permanent, if that's any consolation to all you Lori-haters out there. But geez, enough already! I love this show and don't really watch it with a critical eye like some of the people in the comments seem to. Its just a show, people! Why do some fans take it personally when the show changes even the slightest or a new character is added that wasn't there originally? Its just a fun show to me, its a mixture of comedy and action which is why I enjoy it so much along with Steve (I'd be lying if I said he wasn't part of the reason I watch the show). You should just sit back and just enjoy too.


Loved this episode, my favorite this season so far. Lots of suspense, definitely darker than the other episodes this season. Jane was definitely more focused and intense, it is unsettling since I'm used to the charming and witty Jane. I loved the ending, the way Jane let Panzer hang himself was awesome! Using one serial killer to bring out another was genius, didn't see it coming.

The Mentalist Review: Jane Pokes a Fish

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...are just his way of trying to do that.

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