Biggest TVD fan ever, I also like Gossip Girl, 90210 & Glee,  beats all the stupid british nonsense that gets shown here! :(
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Ahhh Florence she's bloody awesome! Blake looks absolutely STUNNING! :)

A Juliet Photo

Finally packing hopefully she's going for good! :)


Love the promo! Was it Katherine or Elena? I WISH IT WAS ELENA HER AND DAMON BELONG TOGETHER SINCE THE BEGINNING AND ALWAYS WILL. Love the Song, Florence and The Machines are Awesome. This is my favourite song of theirs along with You Got The Love and My Boy Build Coffins .. =]

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character theme songs


Describes His feelingd towards Elena and How he's treated .. :)


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What do you think the cure will be for a werewolf bite?

A human turning potion that's used in the books. which Damon drinks instead of Stefan!

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Julie Pleck interview

Has anyone here read the books, 

 because in on of them (can't remember which one), Stefan gets captured and elena and damon set out to rescue him.....etc etc. Elena comes across this sort of potion that can turn Stefan into a human so they can spend the rest of their lives together, but Damon ends up drinking him turning him mortal,

and as we know in the finale Stefan will do all he can to try and save his brother, what if the only thing he can find is the Potion.. :)

Just a thought

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