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Glee Review: Wrap It Up

Once again, a summary not a review. And Rachel said six MONTHS, not years.

Castle Review: No Happy Ending

Not their best episode. The whole about to get married find out she's still married to someone else thing has been done before (Hello Hodges and Angela from Bones) and it was out of character for Kate. I love Eddie McClintock and I'm glad his hair was looking better than it does on Warehouse 13 right now, but his storyline wasn't really season finale stuff. I'm betting 3XK is behind the crash and of course Castle won't die. I miss the earlier seasons where Richard was funnier and their dynamic was fun. Oh and can I just say I love how I've read people's comments in several places that Nathan Fillion wants out, but that's the only place I've read it: in people's comments.


People seem to forget that all of the Disney movies are based on fairytales that are hundreds of years old. There are Cinderella tales in almost every culture for example. Frozen is based on The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson (hence why three of the characters are named Hans, Kristoff, and Anna). But like others have said, it's a smart move on their part to bring in Elsa and the gang from Frozen. I'm actually pretty excited to see a real life version of Anna; she's so spunky and different from all of the other characters on the show. However, I wish they had done The Princess and The Frog/Tiana, The Princess and the Pea, or even The 12 Dancing Princesses before Frozen. The advertisements for the episode were a little misleading with their "You'll never guess where we go next." You went back in time and I agree, it was a little boring. It was cute seeing Emma as a princess but that was about it. I was kind of hoping they'd go to another world like Agrabah since they touched on that (but not Aladdin or Jasmine) in Wonderland or maybe even Narnia since they went to Oz. For a second I thought it was the White Witch forming from the blue goo stuff.

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