Advit tv watcher especially of sitcoms, lover of K-Pop and comic books. Some of my favorite shows are Once Upon a Time, True Blood, New Girl, and Teen Wolf.
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curses! just when i thought storybrooke was done for good they bring it bad. no good luck. sigh. except for that was digging the episode especially the enchanted forest parts. everyone got a magical make over lol and i like that everyone is FINALLY a unit. i have my x-men esque team some with dark pasts who have turned over a new leaf and others who have always been good working together as a family and team to fight a common foe. first pan and now the wicked witch and i am so interested to hear her tale. why does she want revenge? the actress needs to work on her villain speak though she sounded more like glinda then miss elphaba


didnt understand why alice was being such a b until i went back and watched the episode a second time. how/why did she forget about will, that made no sense especially when no one else forgot him. she was insufferable this episode and so dont like her anymore. its all about the red queen, darling lol. jabberwocky is interesting and made me think of zenescope comics where all the leads villains and heroes are female representations of fairy tales like robyn hood, sela (snow white) etc etc. oh jafar so so silly. and just so he can make daddy love him? what about the bringing his mom back from the dead, makes more sense. his dad is a jerk and if he had his mom maybe she can bring out the good in him that he has surpressed for so long


well with the rules of magic gone he can make whom ever he loves love him and resurrect the dead and since he is a bastard but an orphan maybe bring his mother back to life as well? this was a VERY good episode and changed the status quote: no more adventures of alex and will. obviously its going to be some girl power team up with lizard but for how long? who can they turn to to save will without using a wish? the queen of hearts????

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