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I love watching GG, yes still eventhough there were allot episodes lately that i didnt like as much as the first few seasons. BUt still love watching it. Blair is my favorite character and I have grown to love Dan after he stopped chasing S which i like the least on the show.

I also watch comedy such as 30 Rock and two and a half man (with Charlie Sheen.)

Music is my rock can't live without it, another reason why i love GG so much is because they have great sountracks on the show :D

Very interested in fashion and photography - the whole industry. which agian leads me to Gossip Girl.

I love to get in contact and chat in skype. if you are up for it send me a private message. Im a funny, quirky female who likes to chat. I live in germany but can speak english very well. better then i type haha

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@X Im totally with you on this. Dair as Endgame they searched the found each other and now they conquer the world!


@ CrAZychicke well said! :D
But wow i cant believe every section has been invaded by the Spammer. I tried to at least fill some more positive comments in the other comments section but it seems this site is haunted, i really ask myself where the people are who run this site? Maybe its one of them?! lol or why else is this still going on.... Anyway I also hope for a full season 6 or even more. I think the direction overall is good. I feel Blair and Dan are Soulmates. 3 seasons ago i routed for chuck and blair but after all this back and forth i was relieved when Blair finally went for Dan. It took way too long imo though and the writing was poor with his whole weak storyline about the pact with god. They could have done it better. But nevertheless i think it the result is perfect. I saw the signs for Dair and i think their chemistry is phenomenal even better then Chair ever was...

Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "Con Heir"

My Dairling :D