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Top 10 Favorite Glee Characters:

Rachel I love everything about her. Finn     Lovable sweet.  Love Finn and Rachel together FTW Kurt     Adorable s1, changed s2 deep and emotional, s3 lovable Santana  Love everything about her, just wish she was less mean and show her awesomeness. Puck    Love his individuality, lovable beneath his harsh exterior. Sam     Gentle, sincere, kind, handsome. Mike     Sweet, loving, giving, great to Tina, awesome dancer, sings good too. Tina     Love her gentleness, loyal, great to Mike, good friend. Will     Always there for the club, loves Emma. Emma  Sweet, loving, giving,loyal to Will and Glee. Mercedes  S1 she was 1 of my three favs(Rachel, Kurt,Mercedes) but she changed especially s3.  Not a fav of mine now.  Always love her voice. Sue     Loved everything about her s1, s2 she was too violent and bizarre, s3 she was hysterical in the xmas episode. Blaine  Love his voice,  he is good to Kurt but too good to be true IMO. Brittany  Too much child mentality s3 for me, loved her s1 and s2.
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The music was great especially Adele mash up.  The episode was not.  In fact, as much as I adored Santana s2 I have tired of her tirades and am repulsed by her out right defamation of character.  She has been written to be vicious and horrible.  As much as I don't like that she was outed, I do not feel any sympathy for her.  She was awful to Finn and Rory.  She laughed when she drew blood after dodgeball was over.  I will support a character who wants to be vicious just to hurt others for sport.  Using the excuse she is hurting inside because she is a "coward" to face it.  She insults everyone to the extremes but she was over the line toward Finn in the hallway.  She defamed his manhood, mentality, talent, and his talent abilities being a coat-tail in public for all to hear his insecurities.  He gave her a dose of reality to not be a coward.  I don't hate Finn in the least.  If Santana were a guy Finn would have beat the crap out of him.  But Finn was raised to not hit a girl so he always took her for not what she would say but consider the source thing.  Well, I'm a girl and I'd have slapped Santana to the next state and wouldn't feel any guilt at all.  Santana has never felt any guilt when outing anyone else's issues in public and never apologize either.  Finn had enough of the crap Santana was dishing out and spoke his mind justly too.  But it was in the same hallway as when Santana defamed and embarrassed Finn for all to hear. 

Puck/Shelby storyline is nothing but wrong/creepy/disgusting.  Quinn is crazy still.  Poor writing IMO on all counts.

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Favorite couple??

Yeah Tike especially since Asian F episode.

Love Puck without Q sorry NO QUICK




Mercedes happy NO Shane

I wish Sam was back!!!!!!!!!!!!

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