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I wonder who Callie and Arizona will get to carry their child? Would they adopt a baby a pregnant woman is already planning to give up (the way their patient did), would they use a stranger or possibly a friend? If so, who? Any predictions? :) I can't even *begin* to imagine who I would ask to do me a favor like that! I would have loved to see where Bailey's research trial would end up. Maybe we still will? I understand the liability issue, though. I don't think being on the board (which it looks like she won't) would make it happen, not with the opinions of everyone else and what they've been through in the past regarding suing the hospital.


Just an aside...
I totally believe Mercedes wants to wait until marriage, especially everyone else is sleeping with each other. I did other things (which, in retrospect, I shouldn't have), but I waited for the same reason Mercedes is (I'm a Christian) and let me tell you, telling dates you want to wait is an *excellent* weed-out tool...his reaction tells you who really cares about you and who just wants to get into your pants! It's great to see another example of people who want to wait...a lot of people I know would have liked one when they were in high school. /preachy tangent

Glee Review: Under Attack

Agreed, Rachel has always been a prima Donna but she's gotten a lot worse since Funny Girl. Also, did she forget that she's at NYADA at all because she was given a second chance? Her original audition went horribly and Jesse (unbeknownst to Rachel$ had to talk Whoopi into giving her a second chance? Just because she got in first try doesn't mean that she can be an ungrateful snot.

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