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Gossip Girl Caption Contest 67

Serena: Are you two being serious?
Chuck: You can't stop our bromance.
Dan: As surprised as we both are, we're BFF's now.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 67

Dan: Wow...
Chuck: I know.
Serena: put the lime in the coconut and drink them both up?
Dan: Yeah! Isn't it inspiring? It's amazing.
Chuck: For once Humphrey, I agree with you.

Gossip Girl Caption Contest 67

Serena: Chuck...I have something to tell you. *pause* I'm pregnant and you're the father.
Dan: I'm also pregnant with your child.
Chuck: *to himself* This is why I don't do threesomes anymore. *to Dan* You can't get pregnant Humphrey, as far as I know. *to Serena* I'm not Gabriel.
Serena and Dan: Oh!

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OMG I just got it! Chair scene #1, deciphered. (Spoilers)

Uh, yeah I kind of have to agree that Blair willingly partaking in a threesome sounds extremely hard to believe. And it wouldn't really make sense for Chair's sexual relationship to be boring seeing as they've only gotten back together after being apart for about a year.

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Does no one care about the issue at hand?

Yeah, it was offending and it was not in the least bit funny. Bulimia is a delicate matter and it was definitely not something to be joked about so it really surprised me to see it had won.

A lot of people - me included - have made comments about it in the new caption contest so there are a fair number of people who agree with you chair25.

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Letter From Satan to Cast of GG

Ha...funniest thing I've read in ages. lol...
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