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OKay, i dont know if anyone has pointed this out yet but, i noticed it and thought it was funny. So you know how all of the Grey's episodes are named after song titles? Well if you didnt well they all are except for "Self Destruct Button" from season one. (i tots just googled that) Anyway, he second episode of tonight's season finale is called "Now Or Never" which also is also the title of a song sung by Troy Bolton and the rest of the fans in the gym in High School Musical 3!
I got really excited when i saw that, they are both like my favorite shows! =)

Izzie and Her Mom

Haha i LOVE Izzies face in this picture, it's so funny!

"Sweet Surrender" Sneak Preview

yeah i definitely agree with everyone who thinks that Izzie is just faking the fact that she is choking just so that Mer will come out of the bathroom so that Izzie can see her dress. Or at least i hope thats what happens, ill be really sad if izzies condition worsens
It's just a TV show, i know, but it is AMAZING (=

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Calling all Gizzie Friendship (or more) Fans!!! (Relationships)

eeeeeeeek! I think I'm going to cry tonight. Scratch that, i KNOW im going to cry tonight :'(

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