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Brave New World

Heroes was the best damn show i saw in my whole life,heroes is on downfall, i mean there is no reason no strong scripts in this boring season,like season 1 was the best of all seasons, there was story , the plot, the abilities and the better end, I still haven't seen Sylar abilities except telekenisis,electricity bolt and 1 or 2 more, but we know sylar hs many abilities that are to be seen,i don't know what the creator is trying,Changing of Sylar was the real disaster and he is no villian the show is in downfall, in this season we haven't seen the real villian with deadly abilities,there was Samuel, but comeone we haven't seen samuel showing powers and busted easily, there were no more new heroes, no action scene of abilities, Tim Kring this serial can be a big hit again if u think deeply,there is so many things you can introduced, remember season 1, I praise you only for that season.