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I love Hetty. I love the entire cast, really. But I have the corrections to the, "broken internet," quote [including what Eric said]. I only know because I managed to find the clip on Youtube, and watched it until I had it down pat. ^^;

Hetty [to Eric on how he stopped the video from uploading]: "What did you just do?"
Eric: "I used a VNC controller to piggyback the upload with a trojan and corrupt the streaming data packets by initiating the stack buffer overflow."
Hetty: "In English, Mr. Biel?"
Eric: "Oh. I broke the internet."

[Back with the rest of the team]:

Kensi: "Oh, hey guys! What did Eric do with the video?"
Sam: "Shut down the internet."
Kensi: "What? The whole internet?!"
Sam: "Yeah."
Deeks: "Even Twitter?! Whoa..."