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Ps: I did read a few comments that dissed Doug's son and the story line, remember though Doug's son was who she started to sell weed for way back in season 1. That scene with them in the kitchen to me was the only worthy scene of the finale. It reflected a lot of where she came from. Just my thoughts. Otherwise I agree it was lacking! Bad ending!


Did they seriously leave Nancy with ANOTHER dead husband??!!! That brings the total to FOUR. Juda, The DEA agent Scotson (sp?), Estaban and now the Rabi. Omg. I couldn't even believe they did that. No wonder they couldn't hook her and Andy up, he would have been dead for the series finale. I agree with everyone else on here, just a sloppy bad job closing the show. I have to say these last few seasons have been a train wreck. For me the best ending was Season 6 and they should have stopped there.

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