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I prefer to go along with a completely different theory... Bear with me for the following explanation please... I was watching a rerun of a Stargate SG1 episode recently - where T'ealc found himself in two different realities and couldn't figure out which one was the real one. Finally in one of his discussions with his therapist (who was played by Daniel Jackson), he was told - "if you can't figure out which of the two realities is real, have you considered that NEITHER of them are?!". Subsequently T'ealc found this to be true and once he had worked through his trauma he ended up in a completely different reality, which turned out to be the real world, back at SG1 :). So, I believe, the same applies here. Neither Red or Green were real but was Michael's brain's only way to force him to solve the mystery and once solved, he was able to return to the real world and to have both his son and wife in his life...