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Alcatraz Review: To Catch a Thief

Really like the concept of the show, has a lot of potential and has had some really good episodes. I hate to agree, but this episode was a bit of a dud. Still, I am hoping that there will be some tie back to it. We don't need to see a new convict/guard each week, ones already caught (or still out there) can be revisited. I certainly hope that is the case with this episode, as the killing of random people because they had a piece of jewelry in a lockbox makes no sense. And, really??? Going in through the ventilation system? A ten year old could come up with that gimmick. Why not escape through it as well? Really like the show, so will allow this episode to slide, and still hoping there is some payoff with Cal Sweeney.

Grimm Review: Of Reapers and Reasons

This episode was quite a bit darker than previous episodes, which I thought was great (the bird plucking the eyes out of the body in the river... not many shows would show that). I am wondering if Nick will ever develop any type of "powers", besides the ability to identify creatures. His aunt was an amazing fighter, while Nick relies on his gun, being thrown around a lot, and boiling water from his girlfriend. I think his aunt hinted at several weeks of transformation once you assume the Grimm role, but maybe that was just with understanding the world around him (which has been great watching Nick figure out, so no complaints there). He certainly seems outmatched by most of the creatures, so no wonder there are not many Grimms around...