I love medical shows. ER is my one true love. I am new to Grey's Anatomy and am playing catch up with the show. Its good, not ER good, but definitely good. I admit, it interests me more than House.

My avatar and name has to do with the fact that Sloan is my fave character at the moment. He isn't hot like Derek, but he is funny. I would use a Noah Wyle pick for Dr. Carter, but that show has been off air now, its time to let it go.

Silly Sloane means how silly Sloan is on the show because of his sexual ways.

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This Week's Grey's Anatomy: Weigh in Now!

In all honesty, the only thing I really liked about this episode was seeing the group back in the cafeteria. I missed that. Other than that, I didn't like the med students, and all the other story lines. Not surprised about the Callie pregnant story, and am curious how Little Grey is going to react considering we all know Sloan wants a kid and therefore will want Callie to keep it.

The Return of Grey's Anatomy: React Now!

This was the BEST episode of the season! I loved it loved it loved it! I loved seeing Cristina finally return. In fact, I was happy when in the preview for the next episode, she sounded like her competitive self. I was glad that Meredith told Derek she suffered too. I liked how Bailey didn't lose another Charles. I was glad that Callie didn't take back Arizona and told Arizona that the world doesn't revolve around her. Most importantly, seeing Cristina and Meredith reunite. The only thing I hate is that Stark is still around and going to be around. I don't like him, he doesn't seem like a great doctor to me since everyone always has to do the work for him and all that. The episode was perfect and hopefully the rest of season 7 will be great considering how slow it has been previously.


My honest opinion is that I think this show has maybe this season and one more season left. Its not as funny as it used to be anymore, and that is partly because when you are younger, you do more silly things, but as these characters have come into their own more, they interact less. I do hope the rest of the season improves as you can only do so much with the whole Cristina thing. Once a marriage takes place, less conflict will result and honestly that helps to make a good wrap up for the show at some point. In fact the only marriage problem I can see happening is between Cristina and Owen considering her state of mind at the time of tying the not. I could be wrong, but if the rest of the season and the next is anything like the last few episodes, I'd rather them end the show than get anymore stale than it already is. You don't want Grey's going out the same way ER did, great in the beginning but ending in complete oblivion in the end.